Fishing Facts

couyd3nwoaas8znUK Seafood consumption

In 2015 the UK consumer purchased £6.34bn of seafood. £3.11bn was through the retailers and £3.23bn eaten out of home. The UK export £1.24bn, the top countries and species include Salmon, Mackerel, herring, crabs to France, USA, Spain, Italy. We import £2.67bn of species such as tuna, cod, prawns, haddock from Iceland, China, Canada, Denmark.

UK fishing fleet

In 2015 the number of active fishing vessels in the UK was 4,536. The species that brought in 50% of the total income were mackerel, nephrops, scallops, haddock and cod. £772m worth of seafood was landed by UK registered commercial fishing vessels in 2015. The industry is very diverse with many different types of vessels and methods of fishing from twin rig trawlers to purse seine netting and catch methods are continuously evolving with new innovation techniques.

For detailed information – Sea Fish Industry Map

*all figures are sourced from Seafish

My visits with the fishing industry

In the past couple of years these have included visits to Grimsby, Whitby, Bridlington, Brixham, Peterhead, Alesund in Norway and many of the ports on the Southeast coast of England. Visiting fish markets, fishing ports and in Alesund I went out to sea on a frozen at sea vessel.

Alesund, Norway

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Grimsby Fish market

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Fishermen feature

Peter Boston works the deep sea in the winter time on a 45m pelagic boat, out of Killybegs Co Donegal. He fishes from the Norwegian coast in autumn and the west coast of Ireland in the spring, mostly targeting mackerel . In the summer months he targets lobster from his own boat out of  Portstewart, Country Londonderry in Northern Ireland. Peter has kindly sent me these photos to share.

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 South east coast of England

Ports of Portsmouth, Rye, Hastings, Leigh on Sea, Shoreham.

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