Arctic adventures

22nd July 2019 Svalbard has blown me away, it’s amazing. Spitsbergen means pointy mountains, derived from the Dutch. In 1925 the Norwegians were granted sovereignty over Spitsbergen and introduced the old Viking word Svalbard. So confusing but Svalbard covers all the islands and Spitsbergen the mainland. Svalbard is situated between 74degrees and 81degrees North. It … More Arctic adventures

Clipper race SWAG

I have only managed a couple of races in the winter series on Yacht Kassy at Scarborough Yacht Club, but we did well in those races taking a fifth place overall. Life just got too busy with a new role at work, wanting to spend more time with my horses, organising our wedding and supporting … More Clipper race SWAG

Home life

Its been a while since I last wrote, but life has been as hectic as ever. In bulletin points as I’m feeling rather lazy about writing: We are delighted to be getting married next year, Guy and I were engaged on the 11th August 2018. Guy continues to work for Clipper race. I continue working … More Home life

Mad May 2018

Life is busy as usual, but I would not have it any other way. I always feel extremely lucky to have this lifestyle and try to embrace it everyday. The month of May saw lots of sailing activities along with working, caring for my horses, seeing some of my New Zealand family and being able … More Mad May 2018