Inspiring and empowering

Our life of work, sail, travel repeat continues. All the Clipper Race commitments keep Guy really busy. This included the exciting crew allocation day in May, where Guy would take to the stage in Guildhall and announce his team.I remember how excited I was at my crew allocation for the last race. The day was going to mark another milestone in our new Clipper Race journey. I would also meet up with some more of my fellow SWAGs who will become close friends and allies over the next year.

Dates were also released for all the stopovers as far as the Panama. My holiday form was immediately sent in for authorising and my flights booked for South America in October, South Africa in November and Australia in December, spending Christmas in New Zealand.

The other fantastic news is that a Guy has secured a place on the Golden Globe Race 2022, sailing non stop around the world. Could not be prouder.

Meanwhile I did a couple of talks, one at Whitby Fish and Ships Festival and one for Malton Women in Business. Talking about my adventures and how they were inspired by the fishing industry. They were very well received, with lovely feedback and bookings for further talks.

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