Fair Winds and Following Seas

On the 20th June I fly out to New York to start the Clipper race on the 25th June, racing with my Great Britain team back to the UK, a 4000nm journey across the North Atlantic. Thank-you to everyone who has supported me leading up to this challenge, the training has been tough and we have had some incredibly hard times as a team but I am now really excited to set sail. Two years ago I had never sailed before and now I’m ready to take on the world’s second largest ocean on a 70ft racing yacht. Our race finishes in Liverpool on Saturday 28th July starting at 10am, feel free to come and see the teams in and I can give you a tour around our boat, race finishes are spectacular events.

 You can follow our progress on the race viewer which is updated hourly:


We also have a dedicated Great Britain page where we will be able to post blogs, thanks to our new Dell Satellite Communications system. I may even be able to get the odd personnel message back, though its limited. Watch out for updates on the Clipper race facebook page, Clipper race facebook live page.


28 July: Race Finish

 The timings are roughly as follows and subject to change:
10.00 Approximate time that the yachts will be visible on the Mersey
11.15 Parade of Sail
12.00 Yachts will begin the locking procedure in to Canning Half Tide Dock [teams
will enter in order of their overall race position] Yachts will then transit in to the
Albert Dock for their final berthing position [teams will berth in reverse
finishing order]
• 13.55 All boats will be alongside and in their final berthing positions

 https://www.merseyferries.co.uk/Pages/default.aspx if you do want to go out on the water they will organise a race viewing cruise soon, however you can see loads from land so not necessary unless you really want to go out.

28 July: Clipper 2017-18 Race Prizegiving

 The Clipper 2017-18 Race Prizegiving event is designed to celebrate the achievements and
successes of each team. Giving a festival feel to what’s sure to be an emotive and charged
day of celebration, prizes will be awarded for Race 13, as well as the much-anticipated
overall winner of the Clipper 2017-18 Race.
• The prize giving will be an outdoor public event allowing all Race Crew Supporters
and fans and public at the event to support this momentous occasion. The
prizegiving will start immediately after the yachts are all berthed in Albert Dock,
approximately 14.00.
• After the Prizegiving, which will finish at around 15.15, it will be time to soak up the
atmosphere in Albert Dock, where there will be live music, entertainment, bars and
food stands all open until around 18.00.
• The evening will then be free for crew to arrange their own team or family get


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