Mad May 2018

Life is busy as usual, but I would not have it any other way. I always feel extremely lucky to have this lifestyle and try to embrace it everyday. The month of May saw lots of sailing activities along with working, caring for my horses, seeing some of my New Zealand family and being able to speak to Guy on Facetime on his brief stop before the Panama canal, which was great.

The media frenzy supporting my challenge continued, organised mainly by my main sponsor Moneyweb. I had an interview with Yorkshire Coast Radio, TV interview on Yacht Kassy with That’s North Yorkshire, live TV interview with Estuary TV and appeared in the Scarborough News. Sarah at Moneyweb has been a pleasure to work with and I really appreciated her support as I near my race. I was therefore delighted to take her, Becky and Beth on a corporate sail on Yacht Kassy from Scarborough Yacht Club. Many thanks to owner/skipper Mike for allowing me to do this, and having completed my log book I find I have done 42 races on Kassy in the past two years since learning to sail, along with another 6 races on Vado and Ruffian. Mike said we would all go out for a meal on my ’50th’ race.

A useful First Aid course was put on in our village by the Yorkshire Ambulance service, it was a final course I had wished to take before I join the boat in New York. Just a reminder of CPR and care of injured persons, should I be first on the scene if we have a scenario then I want to feel confident that I can assist immediately.

Corporate sailing day for sponsor Moneyweb

Moneyweb also contacted their local primary school at Brompton and I was invited to give a talk. I admit I was more nervous thinking about doing this than I am live TV. 70 little faces sat on the floor and so I began my interactive presentation aided by live props and my lovely assistant Sarah. It was such good fun and I would not hesitate to do it again. My presentation can be found at Julies School Presentation.

It is now the official 2 week countdown until I depart for New York to join the teams. I will be racing across the North Atlantic, my first ocean race and its my chosen ocean. I am very excited but I am sure the nerves will kick in soon!

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