Freezing February 2018

A couple of our winter series races from Scarborough were cancelled due to the weather, disappointing but February did feel like it a month for just surviving. Whilst Guy battled the intense heat on the 4300nm race from the Whitsundays to Sanya in China I was thawing water pipes and shovelling snow. The horses were impeccably behaved as they were confined to much of life indoors, though Alfie remained as cheeky as ever and broke a few water buckets which were replacing his frozen water drinkers during this time.

There were highlights too, I was very humbled to receive notification that I had been awarded the Fishermen’s Mission Twitter Friend of the Year 2017. My formal invitation has arrived and I will be going to London next month to receive the award. Work seem very proud of this achievement and one of our Directors will accompany me.

I am thoroughly enjoying my daily gym sessions from body torque, bootcamp, pilates and my own programme which I mix and match it in order to ‘keep going’. I have got to know quite a lot of the regular ladies and we have a lot of fun whilst encouraging each other. If we split into teams my team is always known as ‘GB’, and words of encouragement shouted at me are ‘pretend you are on the boat’.

Looking for armchair activity whilst going outdoors in the snow was restricted I retrieved all my sailing books in order to start revising. Not being the best at concentrating I was constantly distracted by my addiction to social media. Therefore I was delighted when the Clipper Race training office proposed an additional 5 day training course over Easter down in Gosport. I am really excited and it will be so valuable leading up to our race in a few months time.

I receive Guys daily messages from the boat, at first I found it quite difficult suddenly not speaking every day but feeling like the old days of having pen pals before mobile phones were invented we actually have time to discuss quite a bit. His messages by satellite tend to reach me just before I wake up which puts a smile to my face every morning. Their crew left Sanya on a high having scored sprint points in the last race and coming 3rd in the first ever Clipper in-shore race, Guy helmed the race and we were immensely proud to see him on the stage with his team receiving their award. Qingdao is the next stop for a crew changeover before the next race to Seattle.

I hope the weather is now kind to us and we can achieve a few races at Scarborough, our consistent team work really well together and Yacht Kassy excels in tough conditions. We trust her and adore her and I think we are doing quite well in the series.



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