My January

Not sure where to start, what a month #myJanuary was as busy as ever, life has just got even more exciting with new ventures put in place.

The month began with launching my main sponsors web page to support my challenge. I am officially a brand ambassador for Moneyweb Ltd. The web page has a countdown clock which I am for ever looking at – just in case I have slept and the clock has fast forward slightly. During our last meeting we made a list of other activities which we hope to pursue before June. We have a bespoke hashtag too #shesailsfurther

The link is

Over Christmas I did mention – watch this space. And I can now announce that Guy secured a position as a first mate for the remainder of the Clipper Race, his new dream career has become reality. If something could ever come good out of a tragedy then Simon’s death has assisted Guy in pursuing his dream. We are incredibly proud of him, miss him terribly but could not be more excited. We are certainly living the dream, and have so many more dreams and plans. Luckily we both have the same attitude towards life. My flights are booked to meet him in port, and at home I am busy with work, horses, training, sailing, booking travel and generally holding the fort. I think this is a sign of things to come, and I could not be happier. Guy is now known as First Mate Waites, there will be many posts on facebook about his adventure and the race viewer will be my bible.

At Scarborough Yacht Club we have started the winter series, the first race was on new years day, I love the winter series and despite our small novice team of four on yacht Kassy we raced extremely well in challenging conditions finishing in fifth position. We have six more races in this series which I am able to do all of them.


The biggest blow, though not a great surprise was our Great Britain skipper Andy Burns stepping down. I have always had the most utter respect and admiration for our skipper, he formed and led a great team. But I can not even begin to imagine what he has been going through since the Southern Ocean. We will miss him terribly and wish him all the great love and best wishes for the future. And a big thank-you to his lovely girlfriend Charlie and Mum Kate for all their support. I do not believe many can  do this extreme challenge without the support of close friends and family. The Clipper race teams are currently in port at Airlie Beach in Australia, having had two knock downs on the way from Hobart there has been a flurry of maintenance occurring. Our new skipper is David Hartshorn, the former Greenings skipper who was medivac on leg 1 due to injury.

The remainder of the month has been taken up with work, looking after the horses and training at the gym. I also met with the Fisherman’s Mission who are currently knitting me my own mini Albert mascot to support my fundraising, they are also looking at activity to get local schools involved.




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