Proud end to 2017

Dedicated to my team who I am so proud of.

The Great team have had the toughest challenges imaginable, but in our true team spirit remain strong and bonded, we will all continue our challenge #ForSimon. The support for the team was incredible and back at HQ we are so proud of our Skipper Andy and the crew currently racing. The team have just completed the famous Rolex Sydney Hobart race, coming 8th in the Clipper class. I continue to be glued to the race viewer and updating our Great Britain team twitter and facebook pages, the support and messages that stream in is overwhelming.

Back home though offshore racing has been intermittent due to the weather but I did start my great fitness campaign the week before Christmas. I joined the Peter Nelson fitness and health studio based just 4 miles away in Pickering. Having not stepped foot in a gym for 25 years it was a scary thought, the last time it was to train for a summer hiking in the wilderness of Alaska. But the team were great, Rachel put together a programme to build my core and upper body strength and improve overall fitness. I felt better after the first week, as well as my own programme I can join classes such as body torque, body burn cardio, yoga and Pilates.  It will also give me the confidence that I am as fit as possible when I join the team in 6 months time.

Work with my sponsors and fundraising continues. Thank-you everyone who takes an interest and supports me, I really could not do this challenge without the support. At work when I go in the office or at the start of external meetings, an update on our race is the first thing everyone wants to know about. Moneyweb Ltd, my main sponsor who have supplied all my mid-layer sailing clothing have built a bespoke page for my race on their website, it looks amazing and there are many more plans to support me. I now have my own hashtag #shesailsfurther. Launch of the page is in the New Year.

I was delighted that William Ward, Clipper Race CEO has received an OBE for his work with the Clipper Race and the GREAT Britain campaign. As one of the crew on the Great Britain boat we are extremely proud and I follow with great interest the work of the campaign, especially the business highlights at each port stopover. Something I would like to get more involved with in the future.

Guy and I will be celebrating the New Year racing at Scarborough Yacht Club. I am excited for this race, my first New Year race. Since I have stepped down from my hunt secretary position for 6 months  I can now focus purely on yacht racing and training.

In 2017 I led quite a jet-set lifestyle travelling with work and for pleasure, my passport has now been re-newed and I am ready to go again. 2018 is going to be even more exciting, not only the year I cross the Atlantic but we have so many more dreams and plans that we hope to put into place. Watch this space!

Hiking in Alaska 1992, though was more like climbing.


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