Sailing in September

My new life with sailing has certainly kept me busy this month.

First update is about the Clipper Race. Following the fleet on the race viewer is both addictive and nerve wracking. With it being updated frequently you find yourself shouting at the screen – come on GB, you can do it! 33 days at sea, it is the longest leg the Clipper Race has done, having moved to the port of Punta del Este. Each day I updated our race supporters on the GREAT Britain twitter and facebook pages, the support has grown so much and many lovely messages come pouring in daily, I do hope the team get chance to read some of them. I think the team went through lots of different emotions as you would expect, we excitedly read their blogs every time they came through. There were many funny stories as well as the hardship of racing a 70ft racing yacht 6500nm with 20 people on board, of 12 yachts there were 3 medevac’s due to illness and injury.  The blood, sweat and tears paid off and with all the extra points team GREAT Britain topped the leader board.

Back at GREAT Britain HQ Guy and I as well as updating and following the Clipper Race were racing ourselves from Scarborough yacht club. Guy on Ruffian and myself on Kassy. I joined Ruffian when yacht Kassy did not go out. My favourite weekend was probably the regatta, after 3 days solid racing I really did not want to stop, it was so addictive. I really enjoy the races at home and hope to continue these, getting to know a boat so well gives a sense of satisfaction. Also this month Guy went over to Fredrikstad in Norway to start work on his new boat ‘Showtime’ and we are going back over in November to do some more work, it will be the first time I shall meet the other ‘woman’ in Guys life and I am very excited.  She will come back to the UK in the spring and we are currently looking for somewhere to bring her out the water so Guy can restore her to his standards.

September also saw some fundraising activity. Good friend Jane de Wend Fenton held a ‘Nautical’ themed party at her lovely home Ebberston Hall. Friends came from near and far, pirates, mermaids, surfers and border control officers showed so much support towards my challenge and we partied the night away to celebrate. A huge thank you to Jane for hosting and everyone who came.

The mad month of October will see the Clipper Race Leg 2, Guy and I flying over to Cape Town to meet them and the start of the autumn series racing at home. To follow our updates on the Clipper race, both handles for face book and twitter are @GREATbrit1718 and the link to the race viewer is on the Clipper website. Enjoy!

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