‘Race Start’ – 20th August 2017

A weekend I will never forget. 15 months ago I started to learn to sail with amazing people from around the world having got a place on the amateur RTW yacht race, I passed all their training and helped prep the boat for the race. Then I was selected to represent GREAT Britain and to top it all I helped carry the GREAT Britain flag in the parade onto the podium at race start.


My fellow crew member and good friend Sandra Squires and I wanted to make the most of being involved with the team, therefore we saw nothing of Liverpool but went to the boat early doors everyday and stayed helping with the final preparations. Even on race morning at 6.30am we wanted to know the crew doing the first leg had every support they needed – we brought breakfast, reassured relatives, emptied rubbish and plaited hair!

As the GREAT Britain lines were slipped the tears rolled down my face soaking my collar. I just wanted to jump back on board and hug everyone, we had trained and worked so hard together. Watching the parade of sails then race start was amazing, we were so proud of the teams and their skippers. The people of Liverpool were incredibly enthusiastic, stopping to ask us questions and wishing Sandra and I all the best on our leg across the Atlantic, with promises that they would return to cheer us back in.


On Sunday afternoon my amazing partner came to my resue to take home his emotional, exhausted and starving girlfriend (I had not eaten all day and would not move until the fleet were out of sight). Its been the most amazing experience so far and I cannot wait until I join them across the Atlantic to race back home into the wonderful Liverpool.


Fair winds and following seas Clipper Race crew 2017-18. See you soon.


The race viewer updates frequently for the next 11 months, along with our Facebook and twitter page @GREATbrit1718.

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