Meeting sponsors RG Nets in the Bahamas – May 2017

I did not expect an exotic holiday for a while when all my holiday time and finances over the last year has been taken up with the Clipper Race training. However when someone asks you if you want to go to the Bahamas the decision is easy. The holiday was to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of my sponsors RG Nets employee Richard Mumford, a good friend of mine along with his partner Tracey. His boss Steve and his lovely wife Martina flew over from Arizona to join us along with more friends from the UK.

The house we stayed in belongs to a lovely man called Justin who also works in the same field as RG Nets, hence they all know each other. It was in the small area of Russell Island not far from the harbour of Spanish Wells. We spent the week swimming, snorkelling, fishing, getting to know the locals (including a tour of a lobster boat – could not resist). We met some wonderful people and made new friends. My only regret was I had a chance to sail back to North America on the beautiful catamaran Paradigm Shift with Steven, Bonnie and Drew , but as the weekend for crew allocation for the clipper race was approaching I could not risk missing it, I am sure there will be another chance, the world is my oyster and my sailing challenge has opened up so many new doors for me – watch this space!


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